2021-2022 Registration

Welcome Rising Juniors! The information below is for current Magnet students, and not for students wishing to apply to Magnet for the first-time.


Helpful Videos

  • To watch the Rising Junior Presentation, please click here

  • To learn more about our electives classes, please click here

  • To learn how to navigate the Online Registration Form, please click here

  • To learn more about the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP), please click here.

Course Catalog

Please review the 2021-2022 Course Catalog and pay attention to the available phases (i.e., general, enriched, honors, AP, or GT) as well as any prerequisites for each class. 

  • For more information about typical Math progression, click here.

  • For more information about typical Science progression, click here

Online Registration

The Online Registration Form must be completed by March 12, 2021; however, please do not complete this form until you have consulted with your current core class teachers, talked to your parents/guardians, and met with Mrs. Parnell one-on-one. Meetings with Mrs. Parnell are scheduled to occur in English II classes during the week of February 22 and the week of March 1. 

Additional Documents

All of the documents below must be completed and then emailed to Mrs. Parnell at bparnell@caddoschools.org by March 12, 2021. Please only send ONE email per student and attach all the documents to that single email. Please send scanned documents, not photos. The free app Genius Scan is helpful in transferring photos to scanned documents before emailing. 


Please contact Mrs. Parnell at bparnell@caddoschools.org or 318-364-5077 with any questions.