• Brandy Parnell

Start of School Info

If you are A-day hybrid, do not arrive at school before 8:00. When you do arrive, go directly to your 1st hour. Don’t linger or gather in groups. Your temperature will be taken and class will start at 8:30. You must wear a mask all day.

If you are B-day hybrid or 100% virtual, access Canvas and follow instructions from your homeroom teacher at 8:30am on Monday.

Teachers may communicate through Remind and email as well! Monday and Tuesday have a special schedule and we will work to get everyone supplied and logged on. Things might not be perfect next week but we will be flexible and work hard to fix your problems!

Don’t stress! If you can’t figure out your Canvas access (make sure to go through Classlink!!) by Monday, be sure to look for an email or Remind from your teacher. You must be in class either in person or virtually at 8:30am Monday morning.

Finally, there’s a new Canvas help page located at that has tech support details. Please check it out!

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