• Brandy Parnell

Last Week

Seniors, this is my last week at Magnet, so please be sure to let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you navigate your senior year as well as your plans after high school. Your main point-of-contact after this week is going to be Mr. Bottoms in the counseling office. A few reminders that I can think of at the moment:

1. It is likely my Canvas account will be shut off after this week, so if there is any information you need to write down from my previous announcements (i.e., scholarship opportunities, etc.), please do so before Friday.

2. Yearbook photos are due to the yearbook staff by the end of today. Please email a professional quality head-and-shoulders photo to If you previously took cap and gown photos with Cowen on that Saturday that they were at Magnet, they will automatically use that photo for your yearbook photo unless you send something else in. If you are taking cap and gown photos on Feb 8, you do not need to do anything except show up on Feb 8 at your designated time (we will not call you out of class, so set a reminder).

3. If you have not done so yet, order your cap and gown as soon as possible. It is $80 total including shipping. You do not have to buy a big package or anything like that, but you must buy a cap and gown at a minimum. You can order your own invitations, etc., from a vendor of your choice, but you must buy the cap and gown from Jostens. Here is the ordering link:

4. Your cap and gown will be delivered to Magnet and an announcement will be made when you can pick these up from Miss McCalister (English IV teacher and senior class sponsor).

5. I previously posted who was eligible for the community service cord and the biliteracy cord. You can purchase these at anytime by coming to see Mrs. Corbin in the counseling office. Each cord is $8.50 (so $17 if you are eligible for both) and we prefer exact cash or check. You will be given the actual cords later in the school year, but please pre-pay for them now. Additional cords (i.e., ACT cords, NHS cords, etc.) will not be for sale until closer to the end of the school year.

6. Please complete the name pronunciation Google form if you have not done so already. This helps Mrs. Lanclos and Dr. Miles to say your names correctly at graduation. Here is the link again:

7. If you need an official transcript, the point-of-contact after this week is Mrs. Corbin in the counseling office.

8. Please keep your grades up! The second semester of senior year matters. You have come this far, so please keep going. Your future self will thank you and I know how proud you will feel knowing you gave it your best.

That is all I can think of for now. I am sure I will think of more later this week. =)

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