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Jump Start Summer Program

The Jump Start Summer Program has been approved for this summer. Students will earn high school credit, a valuable industry certification, and a stipend of $1,008 for successfully completing the program. The program runs from June 2-30, 2021, Monday through Friday from 8am-2pm. Students must be in-person Monday through Thursday from 8am-2pm and will participate virtually on Fridays from 8am-2pm. There are two locations for this years program: The Caddo Career and Technology Center and North Caddo High School. Transportation will be provided for students attending the Career Center only. Students attending the program at North Caddo High will not be provided transportation. Click on the application link below to view the courses available.

Applications are due by May 11 at 5pm. All applications will be completed online this year at the following link:

Student Admission Requirements:

  • 0 cumulative GPA for all high school coursework

  • No more than 10 unexcused absences for the 2020-21 school year

  • No out of school suspensions in high school

Attendance Requirements:

  • Instructional format:

  • Students must attend in person instruction Monday – Thursday. Friday instruction will be virtual

  • Masks will be required

  • Students will be dismissed from the program after two absences (excused or unexcused) – this includes Fridays

  • We are right at the seat time LDOE requires for students to earn a course credit

  • Students will be dismissed from the program for arriving late and/or leaving early


  • Students will earn $1,008 dollars for completing the program and earning the certification

  • Dismissal from the program for any reason will result in forfeiture of the stipend


  • May 11th at 5 pm: Applications must be submitted

  • May 14th at 5 pm : Schools must verify all student applications

  • May 16th: Notification letters will be sent to schools

  • All accepted students will be provisionally admitted

  • Full admission will be granted once the student returns forms to the school with parent signatures. Parents signatures will be required for: Attendance Policy, Instructional Format Requirement, Dress Code Policy, Mask Requirement, Stipend Policy, and Transportation Verification

  • May 17th – school distribute notification letters and admission forms to students

  • May 20th - signed forms are due back to the school

  • Students that do not return their forms will forfeit their spot

  • We will immediately fill those spots and notify schools of new admissions by May 24th

  • May 26th - bus tickets will be distributed to schools

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