• Brandy Parnell

Final Exams

Exams will be administered Monday, May 24, through Thursday, May 27, and students will be dismissed each day at 1:00 p.m. If your child does not drive or ride a bus, please make arrangements to pick him/her up at 1:00. On Thursday, May 27, students will complete their 7thperiod exam and then report to each class period briefly prior to being dismissed at 1:00. If you would like your child to check out at the end of his/her 7th period exam (10:25 a.m.), you will need to call the main office in advance to make the request. You may call the main office at 318-221-2501 beginning Thursday, May 20 and ending Tuesday, May 25. Please note that this checkout will count as an unexcused absence.

If you would like your child to checkout early Thursday, May 27, please make sure you follow the process listed above, and ensure your child has a ride waiting to pick him/her up at 10:25. Students will not be allowed to wander around campus, sit at the front of the school, or hang out in the parking lot. Please expect a delay in checkout times if you do not call during the identified dates listed above. Those who follow the appropriate procedures will receive priority. Thank you in advance for helping us ensure a smooth checkout process for you, the students, and the office staff!

Exam Schedule: Monday - 1st & 4th Periods Tuesday - 2nd & 5th Periods Wednesday - 3rd & 6th Periods Thursday - 7th Period

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