Correspondence Courses, Extracurricular Athletics, Health & PE

Correspondence Courses:

Students are encouraged to take all classes at Caddo Magnet High School. While all core classes must be taken at CMHS, some non-core classes can be taken elsewhere, with prior approval. Should a student wish to take a a non-core class via correspondence or through a local university, the student must complete a Correspondence Course Request Form and submit it to Mrs. Parnell. Prior approval is required for all correspondence courses. Our two main correspondence course partners are BYU Independent Study and LHSCC

Health and PE:

Credits for health and PE must be completed by students before they enter their senior year. It is preferred, however, that they be completed prior to the student's junior year. 

Extracurricular Athletics:

Students involved in extracurricular athletics at CMHS may be eligible for a one-time 0.5 PE credit. Students must first discuss this with their coach to determine whether or not they meet the requirements for this opportunity. Should a student meet the requirements for the credit, they must submit the Extracurricular Athletics Participation Form to their coach for completion. The coach will submit the form to Mrs. Parnell.


Please note, if the student has already met all PE requirements for graduation, but still wishes to request this credit opportunity, the student may want to consider whether or not an additional general-level class credit may affect their weighted GPA and class ranking.