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Completing the FAFSA

What is the FAFSA?

Most Louisiana high school graduates are eligible for some form of merit- or need-based financial aid. Students can apply for state and federal financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be used at four-year universities, two-year community colleges, and technical training programs. The FAFSA is used to determine the amount of money a family is expected to contribute to the price of attending a postsecondary institution, and the results of the FAFSA are used in determining student grants, work study, and educational loan amounts. In 2018, Louisiana became the first state to pass a law requiring students to complete the FAFSA as a prerequisite for graduating from high school. 

What is the CSS Profile?

The CSS Profile is an online application used by some (not all) colleges and scholarship programs to award institutional aid. For a list of participating colleges, please click here. Regardless if a college requires the CSS, all seniors must still complete the FAFSA. For more information about the CSS Profile, please click here for a helpful student guide. 


What does this mean for me?

This means that high school seniors must either:

  1. Complete the FAFSA on or after October 1, 2021 and have it completed by December 15, 2021 (this applies to the majority of students), or

  2. Complete a waiver indicating that the student is not eligible for federal financial aid (this applies to very few students). See Mrs. Parnell for information about the waiver. 

Create an FSA ID

It is strongly recommend you create an FSA ID, a username and password combination, that allows you to sign your FAFSA form electronically. Your FSA ID also can be used to access the myStudentAid app, sign loan contracts, and access certain information online. While you can get your FSA ID as you’re completing the FAFSA form online, getting it ahead of time and using it to begin your FAFSA form on or on the myStudentAid mobile app cuts down on errors and delays. Click here to learn how to create an FSA ID.

Please note: If you’re a dependent student (meaning the majority of high school seniors), one of your parents whose information is reported on the FAFSA form will also need an FSA ID so that he or she can sign your application electronically. If your parent doesn’t have a Social Security number (SSN), your parent won’t be able to create an FSA ID (which requires a SSN).

Documents Needed to Apply

To apply for the FAFSA, you will need the following documents readily available:

  1. Your Social Security Number (SSN) 

  2. Your parents' SSNs

  3. Your driver's license number (if you have one)

  4. Your Alien Registration number (if you are not a U.S. citizen)

  5. Tax returns for you and your parents (tax year 2020)

  6. Records of untaxed income that you or your parents receive (i.e., child support, etc.)

  7. Information on cash, checking and savings accounts, investment accounts, etc.

  8. Information for at least one college to receive your FAFSA information. Click here for the Federal School Code Search.

Magnet Deadline for Submitting FAFSA

  • The online form must be submitted and the confirmation page must be provided to Mrs. Parnell by December 15, 2021 (this is a graduation requirement)

FAFSA Resources

Here are a few resources that may help in completing the FAFSA: