College Application Resources

Applying to college for the first time can seem a bit daunting. Here are some resources and important dates to remember to help ease the burden (and hopefully increase your excitement!).

Ways to Apply

There are many ways to apply for college admissions, including:

  1. The Common App: This free platform can be used to apply to over 900 colleges! Here is a helpful video on how to get started. Please remember to list Mrs. Parnell as your school counselor in the Common App (this is how your transcript, report cards, etc., get uploaded to the platform). 

  2. MyCoalition: This website offers free college-planning tools as well as the opportunity to apply to over 150 colleges. Please remember to list Mrs. Parnell as your school counselor in MyCoalition (this is how your transcript, report cards, etc., get uploaded to the platform). 

  3. Apply directly to the college using the admission tools on their website(s). Why? Not every college participates in one of the apps listed above. For example, Louisiana Tech does not use The Common App or MyCoalition. In fact, there are not any Louisiana schools that use MyCoalition, but many neighboring states use this platform. 

Important Dates

If you plan on starting college in Fall 2022, then you will need to keep these important deadlines in mind. Please note, these deadlines apply to the majority of colleges; however, there may be some colleges that have different deadlines than what is listed below. Be sure to check with the admissions department at your college(s) of choice for any school-specific deadlines that may differ. 

  • Early Decision Application Deadline: November 1, 2021

  • Regular Admission Application Deadline: January 1, 2021

The College Essay

Here are some resources that may help you write your college essay:

Letters of Recommendation

Most colleges require at least one letter of recommendation when you apply for admissions. These letters are typically requested of teachers and/or school counselors. It is up to the student who they request these letters from (they can even be requested from former teachers). The most important thing to consider when requesting a teacher or counselor to write a letter of recommendation for you is to ask well in advance. In fact, any letters of recommendation that are requested from a Magnet school counselor require a minimum of a 10-school day notice. When requesting a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Parnell, students must complete this form as well as provide a copy of their resume. Click here for a resume template.